Coastal Kids – NEW Detective Series

Coastal Kids – NEW Detective Series

New for Coastal Kids in 2018

It’s a brand new year and we have a brand new series ‪beginning this Sunday‬ in Coastal Kids! We are teaming up with Roanoke Jones, the greatest detective since Sherlock Holmes! Together, we will enter a world of mystery and villainy! Roanoke Jones and his friends seek to stop the evil Professor Arty Morty from taking over the city!


Kids in both our preschool and elementary classes will have an opportunity to follow the clues through some of the Bible’s greatest detective stories!

coastal kids-roanoke-jones-jr-coastal-kids-program-ministry-free-childcare-fun-games-churchPreschool  Kids

In our preschool class, our junior gumshoes are following a creation case! They are out to stop Professor Arty Morty from making the people of the world think everything God made is bad! Along the way, children will follow clues and learn more about God’s creation.

Throughout this series, children will learn that God made light, God made the sky, God made the land and plants, God made the sun, moon and stars. God made the fish and birds, God made the animals, God made people, and God made our world. Throughout the week, ask your child what God has created!

Elementary Students

In our elementary class, our super sleuths will be opening the files on some amazing Bible stories and learning the importance of accepting help from other people, and showing mercy. They will learn that it is important to remember what others have done for them, learn from past mistakes, and ask questions when they have doubts.

This series will launch on Sunday, January 7th and run for 8 weeks, concluding on February 25th, 2018. We encourage you to engage with your child, and follow up on these topics to get the most out of these lessons!

So get ready to gather the evidence, follow the clues, unravel the mystery and solve the case! We can’t wait to see you!
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